What is Musitecture?

Musitecture is a team of music professionals, assembled and spearheaded by composer Mark Peter Royce, to offer a high quality of bespoke soundtrack production for the film and televisual media industry. Mark is a British composer, arranger and pianist. For more information about his background check out his biography here.

The name Musitecture is inspired by an amalgamation of music and architecture; a framework built upon talent, a structure of durable, consistent quality. Not a formal company per se, rather a collaboration between like minded individuals who all share a love of film and it’s myriad forms of musical accompaniament.

Our Services to Filmmakers

In short, we are a one-stop-shop for all your soundtrack needs: From corporate idents to full advertising campaigns, short films to feature scoring, we offer a whole host of music solutions to suit all projects and every allocated budget.

Through our efficient network of studios we have many options for recording all manner of ensemble formations; from solo singers to full choirs, string quartets to full orchestras. Our experienced team has composition and soundtrack production credits with well known international film projects and broadcasting networks.

Fully synchronised score production is made possible through Avid©Pro Tools technology, ensuring soundtrack to SMPTE time-coded picture lock integrity throughout the production process. Our team also boasts highly competent mix and mastering engineers, enabling us to deliver broadcast ready audio to the dub mix.

How We Work

It is hard to define a process with creative work; each film project we score is approached differently, indeed no two projects are the same. Whilst we do have a structure and discipline to our work, we do not fall into patterns of behaviour that limit the potential of the resulting music, nor do we ignore the client’s requests. It is your film. Your score. Our goal is to produce music that ultimately satisfies your vision, telling the story that you want told.

In the extremely competitive field of music soundtrack composition, it is quite normal that we get asked to demo a cue for a scene or scenes, to better show our suitability and competence at soundtrack scoring and production. We actively encourage and welcome filmmakers to contact us with such requests, secure in the knowledge that we will treat any sensitive, unpublished material discreetly and with care.

Mark generally oversees all projects from Musitecture headquarters in Vienna, Austria (GMT+1) but we offer our broad range of services and expertise internationally. We are well versed at working remotely, using established web-based tools to efficiently transfer files, keeping in close contact throughout the whole music production process.

Above all, we strive to deliver a quality product, on time and on budget, as our client-base will testify.

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