Wiener Linien – “Freiheit”

We delivered the entire soundtrack package for this image film from Wiener Linien. The catch-word was Freedom, and we developed the theme music around the copy text (German). Although the initial concept for the music came quickly, we worked on a few variations until we found the right tone for film. The creative team wanted a clear contrast between the beginning sccenes, where the copy narrates our reliance on private transport, to the latter half of the film. The appearance of the WL bus marks the divide.

Concerning the sound design, we worked with numerous field recordings to bring the scenes to life. Various swooshes and timelapse effects were tailored by us to fit the picture. The voiceover was recorded elsewhere but we cleaned up the recording, fixing breathing and lip smacking. The recording was also time stretched to match the eventual final edit.

We delivered the project to the originally requested online release format (YouTube, Facebook, etc). The client was very happy with the outcome and has since opted for a cinematic cutdown version.


Produced by Van Wegen

Directed by Gernot Böhm (Arrow Films)

Music by Mark Peter Royce

Sound Design, Audio Cleanup: Andre Schwarz

Mixed and Mastered by Kurt B. Richter


©2020 Musitecture e.U/Mark Peter Royce
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