Ruzicka Singt Piaf – Une Histoire D’Amour

Evelyn Ruzicka asked me back in 2012/13 to become musical director and band leader for an Edith Piaf theatre revue and CD album recording project. Evelyn herself oversaw all aspects pertaining to the project coordination, song selection and dramaturgy whilst I collected musicians and arranged the music ready for the recording and eventual touring.

The project ran successfully for a number of years. We enjoyed a sold out run at the Musiktheater Linz and also performed in many illustrious locations across Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. The following video was produced by Tagträumer Filmproduktion, directed and filmed by Florian Hirschmann.

Audio: Live Recording @ Tom Ton Studio Production Vienna
Produced By: Evelyn Ruzicka
Recording Engineer: Kurt Richter
Mark Peter Royce – Piano
Franz Heinrich Lirsch – Contrabass
Simon Schellnegger – Viola
Richie Winkler – Saxophone/Clarinet

Full Album available on iTunes:


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