Prebirth – The Eternal War

A Supernatural Action Thriller with Martial Arts and Special Effects…

Josh Jackson and Brian M. Tang’s short, ‘Prebirth – The Eternal War’ is a glorious example of an action thriller short, replete with exciting fight choreography and well realised special effects. But the thing that grabbed me first was the intelligent and well written dialogue throughout the 25 minute film.

 I was actually the second composer to join the project; my predecessor had apparently turned in a very orchestra heavy score and both Josh and Brian wanted something more modern. I admit that I’m a huge fan of John Powell, and his score for the Bourne trilogy became an early reference point for style. Whilst I am very comfortable with working with temp music (if the directors so wish to use this in their editing), Josh and Brian didn’t need to send me any further guides and were both very trusting, giving me a great deal of space to work. From my early sketches we decided that we were moving in the right direction so I fleshed out the arrangements with extra percussion and drum programming and then later added guitars and a choir to reinforce the dramatic tension.

I am very happy with the outcome of the score and would absolutely jump at the chance to collaborate with Josh and Brian again in the future.

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