Leben (Touching Life)

Patrick O’Beck and Mark Peter Royce were commissioned to score a bespoke soundtrack for the Sakura Film production, ‘Leben’ (dir. Carolin Färber), an original narrative short film drama. You can view the full version here (Vimeo). Below is a condensed edit of the scenes that featured our music.

Soundtrack featured musicians:

Patrick O. Beck – Guitar, Piano, Glass Harp
Clementine Gasser – 5 String Cello
Florian Kogler – Guitar
Franz Heinrich Lirsch – Contrabass
Mark Peter Royce – Piano, Synthesizer, Programming
Erwin Schober – Drums

The Soundtrack was recorded at Musikzimmer Wien by our own Kurt Richter.

Ben, the story’s protagonist has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition that forces him to remain at home in a sterile, controlled environment. When his landlord confronts him over back rent owed, Ben is forced to leave the safety of his sanctuary and to travel by train to a job interview.

The film was official selection and received in a number of international film festivals, for more information check out the official film website.

©2020 Musitecture e.U/Mark Peter Royce
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