Kasperl & Pezi (Urania Relaunch)

In September 2019, the renowned Viennese puppet theater, “Kasperl & Pezi” (Urania Theater) relaunched, under the expert new management of André Heller, and featuring music arranged and scored by Mark. The brief was to update the old themes with an cartoon orchestral approach whilst staying true to the tunes that are so loved by generations of Austrian children.

Mark says, “I was asked to refresh the old versions of the music that the theater had apparently been using for decades. I was in direct communication with the theater performers (Alexandra Filla plays Pezi and is the boss of the new production). We tried out a few different versions, testing the water to see how modern the new cues could sound. In the end, it was decided to settle on a traditional cartoon style orchestral mood for the music.

I would have liked to record a full orchestra, but due to budget constraints these cues are all produced from sampled instruments.”

Kasperl & Pezi (THEME – POP)

Kasperl & Pezi (FANFARE)

 Kasperl & Pezi (INTRO)

Kasperl & Pezi (CURTAINS/END)



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