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We were hired to oversee the full audio soundtrack production for the latest Dungeon Fog (stylised DNG Fog) promotional animation. This entailed sourcing voice talent and facilitating an online zoom recording session with Till Lammer (founder of Dungeon Fog), Patrick (voice of Goblar the goblin),  Oggar (the voice of the Ogre) and the director/animation team.

Having the dialogue track recorded, the animators set about finishing the film. We then composed and developed the music concept (make it more ‘swampy’!) and produced the sound design for the film. This meant recording foley for the character’s actions, sourcing and editing the atmosphere sounds of the swamp and (spoiler alert!) casino end scene. The end result was very well received with both film production team and client happy with the results. It was a genuine pleasure to work on such an exciting project!


Directed and Animated by Toni Trauner & Philipp Erkinger

Voice of Goblar: Patrick Lamb

Music, Sound Design, Mix and Mastering by Mark Peter Royce

Here’s the music track:



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