can·​til | \ kanˈtēl,  (a dark-colored moccasin snake (Agkistrodon bilineatus)

I have worked with Tim Glover (Rare Capsule films) on a few projects now and I must say that I am always excited to hear about a new film of his in the works. The same was true of ‘Cantil’, a thriller short about a ‘woman held captive for an uncertain number of days in sleepy suburbia, following her fight for survival to escape the clutches of her lethal captor.’

Tim and I talked about the tone and pace of the film, and once I had seen the first locked edit I set about building custom drone synthesizers which would eventually underpin the entire soundtrack. I sent him many sketches of sound palettes before we finally settled upon a combination of said drones, heavy war drumming and a creepy string quartet. The score is often quite reduced, allowing a lot of space for the dialogue. Tim also didn’t want the score to smother the story so the first few drafts of Drake’s theme were not given the green light.

Once we had agreed on a fundamental direction for the score, the whole writing process was achieved in a rather short period of time. Tim is always very direct, very precise with his feedback and it is a pleasure to work for him.

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