“The three Moirai spin, measure and cut the thread of life of every mortal, from birth to death” – Greek Mythology

 Peter Granqvist (Full Frame Films) approached me to score his short film ˈlēTHēən – so named for a river in Hades (the Greek underworld) whose water caused forgetfulness of the past in those who drank of it. The film was without dialogue or atmo soundtrack, so the music score was to be the only audio present.

We discussed themes at length; Peter wanted to evoke the duality of light and darkness with the score, to enhance the brutal underworld whilst accentuating the beauty of nature and the flowing river and the three ‘Moirai’ (spinners of fate), whose presence on screen is accompanied by a gentle leitmotif.

I have worked for Peter on a number of other projects and I always enjoy our productive collaborative work together.

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