Musitecture Demo Reel

ARTIST: Musitecture
LABEL: Copyright Controlled
PRODUCER: Mark Peter Royce IPI:771945998

Here is a varied selection of tracks that demonstrate our versatility in composing production music. Ranging from electronic, to orchestral, to minimal piano underscoring, our music is designed to enhance picture narrative, to carry a story and to enhance viewer’s emotional response to your carefully crafted film material.

Tracklisting Info:

1.Rise and Shine – Theme bed for an Austrian radio station’s morning show jingle package. An energetic groove, designed to get you up and moving. Featuring Hammond organ, bass, brass section, drums and  multi-layered guitars.

2. Regrets of the Past Suite – Credit music for the Austrian Star Wars fan-film, ‘Regrets of the Past’, produced by Pellicula Film and directed by Bernhard Weber. The suite features arrangements of many themes used in the score. A twenty five piece choir made up of members of the film’s cast and crew contributed to the vocal track.

3. Lethean – A short film produced by Peter Granqvist/Kajsa Rhodin (Full Frame FIlms), the brief was to score an epic yet dynamic orchestral piece to accompany the story of mythical Greek Gods.

4. Stompalong – A track we produced for Gargantuan Music from their Stomps and Claps production music album




©2020 Musitecture e.U/Mark Peter Royce
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